Box was established in 1974 in Shobra ELkheima to satisfy the local market needs. On 1998 EL Masria was moved to Obour city with a high Technology on a 5000 sqm. On 2005 the factory expanded to meet both local and International markets on a 15000 sqm with Latest technology, competitive prices and superior quality. 

We are producing carton for:

  •     Food & Beverage.
  •     Vegetables & Fruits.
  •     Catering supplies.
  •     Porcelain & Ceramic.
  •     Crystals & Glass.
  •     Textile, Yarn and Clothes.
  •     Electronic products & home appliances.
  •     Pharmaceutical products.
  •     Medical devices.
  •     Paper products and Cosmetics.
  •     Plastic.
  •     Paints & Chemicals.
  •     Home & office furniture.



To exceed our customer’s expectations in manufacturing and delivering their packaging requirements in local and global markets by using  latest technology in order to satisfy our customers with the highest standards of quality, competitive prices and punctuality.


To be the preferred corrugated carton supplier in the market